At Movement Works, Movement Works for Every Body

Richard Webber

My yoga practice began October 29, 2014.  My first class was titled “Yoga for Golfers”. I had injured my back in April 2014.  Thanks to the Duke Doctors and physical therapy with Heather McMillian, a physical therapist from First Health, I was able to stand up straight and walk again without pain. Heather encouraged me to try yoga and to visit the Hot Asana Studio in Southern Pines. My goal was to get straighter and stronger.

My practice evolved from one class of “Yoga for Golfers”, to two classes a week, to two classes and a weekend class every other week, to purchasing a yearly membership. Currently, I practice yoga five or six times a week. Trying to attend a variety of yoga classes to enhance my practice. Growth has been slow but steady. Loving the results, I wanted to challenge myself even further by participating in a yoga teacher training program. During teacher training, I realized that once a teacher always a teacher. Teaching yoga will continue to grow my yoga practice.

Yoga is now a vital part of my life. My practice has allowed me to continue to play golf, paddle a kayak, fish from a kayak, surf fish, and stand up straighter and be stronger than ever.

Now I want to utilize my knowledge and yoga experience to assist others who may be looking to becoming physically fitter and stronger. In my opinion, developing a yoga practice will grow you physically and spiritually exponentially. There is a message out there that can be shared to help others become healthier and more physically fit. I want to help you develop a yoga practice.