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Application 2020

Movement Works and claire liddle yoga Yoga Teacher Training Program, 200 Hour

Please copy and paste the questions below into a document, complete it and return it to Claire Liddle or Nancy Smith at Movement Works.  

We are interested in working with people who will, upon completion of the course, be willing to dedicate themselves to furthering the principles behind yoga and who will seek to teach those ideals in a safe and nurturing way. Feel free to attach additional pages. Due by February 15, 2020.  

Your answers to the following questions will provide us with the necessary information to evaluate your preparedness to get the most from the YTT200 program. 

NAME _____________________________________________________________

ADDRESS __________________________________________________________

HOME PHONE _____________________________________________________

CELL _______________________________________________________________

E-MAIL _____________________________________________________________

1. How long have you been studying yoga?

Describe your current yoga practice:

2.  Who is your regular teacher?  Please include location and phone number.

3. What systems or style(s) of yoga have you studied and for how long?  

4. Please describe in terms of length and frequency your regular yoga practice. (Does it include pranayama or meditation?)

5. List any current limitations that may affect your participation.

6. Are you currently teaching yoga? If so, where do you teach and how long have you taught? How many classes do you teach per week? What styles do you teach?

7. Please explain why you wish to participate in our program. Include your strengths and challenges related to your participation.

8. Please write about what yoga has meant to you and done for you.