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Silver Sneakers

This class is designed for those who can continue to stand through a warm up all the way to a cool down. It utilizes the Silver Sneakers balls and band (instructor provides) and your own light hand weights. (2-3 pound) The class is 45 minutes, beginning with a 10 minute warm up and then the following: 1) Bands 2) Weights 3) Ball 4) Cardio (low impact) 5) Balance. The class ends with a 7-8 minute cool down and stretch. The segment content and order vary from class to class however the warm up and cool down are the same. The goal of the class is to increase flexibility, strength, mobility, balance, range of motion and cardiovascular endurance. The exercises mimic movements from our daily life. These improvements enable us to remain independent longer.

What to bring to class: Water, a hand towel, a light set of hand weights.

Note: There is no floor work.