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Youth Program – Class Descriptions

Our program offers an expansive, creative and enjoyable look into all things movement through the scope of martial arts, dance and yoga for ages 3.5 – 12+. Students develop mind and muscle memory through a weekly series of technical yet fun exercises that lay the groundwork for strong, healthy bodies and minds. Our movers will explore their own creativity as they develop body awareness and control with an understanding of the connection to rhythm, timing, coordination and self regulation – allowing them to learn the fundamentals of their technique while developing their imagination and cognitive mind. Students will also inherently learn the healthy habit of exercising and the benefits that come with movement at an early age.

Creative Movement: ages 3.5-5.5, 45-minute class                                        

Children expand their range of movement vocabulary in a fun and playful manner, enhancing coordination, musicality, and movement dynamics. Children are encouraged to think creatively and listen attentively while developing rhythmic and spatial awareness. With emphasis on creative expression, students explore fundamental dance concepts such as contrast, levels in space, directions and balance, among many others.

Creative Ballet: ages 4.5-7.5, 45-minute class

An introduction to ballet basics based on the idea that creativity and technique go hand in hand. This experience in Creative Ballet opens up a world of expression and communication while developing strength, flexibility, and a growing command of the body. Students begin to develop ballet vocabulary, proper body alignment and posture as well as develop self-expression through creative dance.

Creative Yoga & Tumble: 3.5-5.5 years, 45-minute class                                 

Student’s will be introduced to the magical world of yoga in a creative and fun format. We will practice yoga skills on the mat and off utilizing our imaginations, bodies and spirits. Simple tumbling exercises will be integrated into the class as well as obstacle courses and mindful meditation practices. 

Modern Dance: 8-12 years, 60 min class

This class blend elements of Contemporary and Modern dance, such as freedom of expression, interpretation of music, principles of fall and recovery, control, breathing, balance and contraction/release. The instructor will incorporate an eclectic blend of contemporary and post-modern movement into their classes. These forms of movement allow students to explore their individual dance style outside of the structure of traditional ballet and jazz classes.

Pre Ballet & Tap Dance Combo: 6-10, 60 min class

Pre Ballet & Tap is a perfect combination class!  The class is divided with 30 minutes of tap, and 25 minutes of ballet.  Since ballet is the basis for all dance technique, the combination of tap and ballet work hand in hand.  The technical training is taught through ballet, which in turn helps teach the proper shifting of weight and patterns in movement for tap. Both disciplines teach rhythm, musicality, coordination and flexibility.

Tween Yoga & Fitness: 10+, 60 minute class

Physical health and mental well-being are essential components to happy living.

Tween classes combine yoga poses, cardio drills, various breathing techniques and guided meditation for building internal and external strength. This class also fosters community and kindness. Tween yogis participate in partner and group poses so they can support and learn from each other. Yoga is a deeply personal practice, and everyone should feel comfortable and safe in this space – input from the students is a key component of our class. Tween yoga & fitness is suitable for all levels, and everyone is welcome.

Karate for Kids: 6-12, 60 minute class

Our Kempo-based karate program is age appropriate and classes are specifically aimed at the physical development and mental capabilities of the developing child. Your young martial artist will block, punch and kick their way through this positive, noncompetitive twist on the ancient martial art. Obstacle courses, skill-based activities and games create fun learning opportunities to help our mover’s gain the focus needed to excel in the gym, in the classroom and everywhere else they go in life.

Little Dragons: 3.5-6, 30 minute class

The Lil Dragons program is a Martial Arts program for our younger students .The program consists of very basic Karate techniques combined with creativeMovement and drills to build gross motor skills help encourage focus ,respect ,discipline and listening skills. This program can help with physical and character development for young students and even prepare them for entry into the youth Karate program.