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David Sears

Rev. David W. Sears

Born 1958 in Arizona, with high school years in Illinois, Dave grew up roaming in the woodlands, hunting, fishing, camping out and working on ranches and farms and getting close to Nature. Later in the U. S. Air Force, he lived, worked and traveled abroad in Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim as a flying Crew Chief. After the Service, he lived in California, Florida and a few other states. In 1990, David came to North Carolina to do aircraft avionics for 20+ years and raised his lovely, athletic daughter, now a graduate of East Carolina University and on her own in the World.

In his private time, Rev. David studied traditional Aikido (martial art a.k.a. “art of peace”), earned his Usui Reiki Master Teacher degree from Margo (before they dated), certified as a Great Life Coach, completed a firewalking class, and is Executive Pastor of the multi-faith, non-denominational church, LEWA.  David is also a motorcyclist and a talented Native American-style Flute player and co-hosts monthly drum circles.

As a voracious reader of many spiritual studies, he also enjoys meditation, woodworking, Reiki, Theta Healing, other energy medicine practices, pro football season, expensive cigars, single malt Scotch whisky or a dark beer in moderation, and collecting wooden flutes. Due his unique and friendly appearance, clients often ask David about his heritage but like most U.S. citizens, he has a mix of ancestry: mostly northern and western European, Scottish, British, and a tiny smidgen of Asian.

Today, David lives and works with his soulmate and wife, Margo. Recently, he is branching out to real estate photography business. He is a contributing author in her published Reiki textbooks too. Full time, David shares his gift for warm, genuine public-speaking and fluting, as he honors all lifestyles and belief systems to officiate weddings and renewals on the Carolina shores.