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Goat Yoga at Carolina Soul Festival

A new trend has been catching on in yoga communities around the globe! While goats are among the best-known domestic animals, most yogis in the US aren’t accustomed to interacting with them so closely.

During a typical baby goat yoga session the participants are more than welcome to pet the goats or focus on the yoga practice itself – but the goat kids are likely to make the class more challenging than normal by climbing on you while you’re trying to keep a pose. With tremendous energy and playfulness, but also a short attention span, the baby goats will attempt to break your concentration and get you to play with them instead.

Why would one want to practice yoga with goats you may ask??

  • First, it is a new type of yoga that focuses on creating a balance between the yogi and nature.
  • Second, it is about interacting with adorable baby animals, and unusual ones at that.

Class will gather at 3pm where we will become familiar with the kids. From 315-4pm we will enjoy a basic Hatha yoga class that will be both memorable and fun!! Instructed by Nancy Smith of Movement Works.