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Aerial Yoga Arts

Class Duration:  60 minutes

In this introduction to Aerial Yoga we will begin to familiarize students with using the yoga hammock, gain confidence on how to get into poses safely and build the trust needed to create roots for an aerial yoga practice. No prior Aerial experience necessary-this class is designed for all levels of fitness and flexibility–however, students should be familiar with yoga and comfortable moving through a Vinyasa including a yoga push up. This class is structured just like your usual Flow class with centering, warm-up, posture focus, core and upper body work, inversions and Savasana—all with the assistance of your swing.  Please review our Aerial Yoga FAQs on our website before attending. Bring an open mind, open heart and believe in your ability to fly!  *all equipment will be provided* *room is not heated*  *cancellation policies apply*

Advanced Aerial Yoga Arts 

Class Duration:  60 minutes

Advanced Aerial Yoga is a more diverse class offering the student more opportunities to go deeper into your Aerial Yoga practice. In this advanced aerial yoga class we fly high in the sky! The flow in the hammocks is mostly aerial with all transitions happening in the air. This class will feature new transitions, a deeper core challenge, longer inversions, and building whole body strength.  Prerequisites for this class include: ability to pull body weight up into hammock, ability to lower down from the hammock to the floor, and ability to transition without touching down. This is the class to take if you are ready to get a little higher and take your aerial practice to the next level. 



Reserve your space for class using our Mind Body Online app, which can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play. You may also visit the website, create an account and reserve your aerial hammock. Namaste.