At Movement Works, Movement Works for Every Body


Class Duration:  60 minutes 

Pump is a 60-minute barbell program for able-bodied men and women of all ages and allfitness levels. Matching movement to music and using traditional strength training allows participants to work at their own level. Ten tracks light up your muscles and challenge your coordination and balance with new exercises and periodized patterns.  

Pump will incorporate functional orthopedic strength training. Every movement plane is attacked using weights and body weight. Featuring safe and motivating exercises. STRONG FOR LIFE! The exercises chosen, repetitions we perform, and varied speeds we work at are all designed for one thing — to make you stronger.  Welcome to the funeral for your fat, and say hello to your strongest, leanest body yet as we push your lactate threshold to another level.  Getting STRONG FOR LIFE has never been more fun.  WORK HARD and sweat!! Pump gives STRENGTH, POWER, ENDURANCE is what you will get on this FIT FOR LIFE Journey we are on together.